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More efficient for sponsors, more rewarding for members

Benefits of our cross-border approach.


More effective oversight, control and risk management

The centralised, multi-employer structure of the Luxembourg-based ASSEP provides robust plan governance and rigorous oversight.


Potential for lower fees

The economies of scale generated by the plan’s centralised administration create a more efficient operating model and potentially lower fees for both sponsors and members.


Better offering for members

The scale of the cross-border plan, backed by our international reach, gives members access to a wide range of investment options and the potential for reduced management charges.


Simplified plan management

A single third-party administrator operates across all country compartments, creating aggregated plan information and reporting, as well as the efficiency of having fewer vendor relationships.


Greater consistency in employee benefits

Multinational employers can be confident they offer the greatest possible level of consistency to employees working in different countries.


Increased portability

Employees don’t need to leave one plan and join another if they move to another country with the same employer. The member portal gives them an uninterrupted view of their aggregated pension benefits.