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The Fidelity European Pension Plan in operation

A global partner for a wider range of solutions and a robust framework.

How it works


Market-leading investment solutions

The plan gives members access to a wide range of active and passive funds investing in equities, bonds and cash equivalents. The fund range also includes funds that focus on sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

We can work with sponsors and their advisers to tailor the fund range to your specific requirements. We can also create bespoke default strategies. Sponsors will have the reassurance that the plan’s Investment Committee will ensure all proposals comply with its Statement of Investment Policy and Principles.

Robust governance and oversight

Day-to-day decision making and oversight of the Fidelity European Pension Plan are the responsibility of the Executive Committee, while the Investment Committee monitors the plan’s investment products and services, and the Benefits Committee handles escalated matters relating to payments to members or their beneficiaries.

This framework also benefits from the scrutiny of an Operational Oversight Group and the internal controls available through Fidelity Luxembourg in relation to audit, risk management, finance and compliance.


Employee participation

With the Fidelity Pension Plan, your employees can make their own investment choices. They can choose to self-select which funds they want to invest in. If they don’t want to make these choices themselves, the money goes to a default strategy fund, where our asset managers decide how it should be invested.